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Supercharge your color know-how, develop your innate color intuition, and learn how to use color to its fullest potential with the most reliable and comprehensive information about color symbolism available today. This course delivers the most trustworthy concepts and tools you'll ever need. Plus it’s taught by a color consultant whose clients include Fortune 500 companies - and who's also a university professor and the author of 10 books about color.

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If you’re a practicing designer, a business professional, a healthcare specialist – or if you've ever dreamed about becoming a color consultant – this course is for you. It’s geared for innovators and creative people in all professions. In fact, color is becoming the most sought after skill in design and marketing. Carve your market niche and elevate your career.

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    Learning color has never been easier. The 19 colorful videos illustrate much more than just reading about a color. You'll visually experience colors instead of having to imagine it.

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    Your time counts. You could spend hours researching the psychological effects of just one color on the web – or you could take this e-course and become a color expert without the chaos and confusion.

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    You can reference the course materials anytime to reliably determine how certain colors will influence observers, and which colors will create your desired perception and behavior.

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Summary of Course Content

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Color Symbolism

  • 2

    About the Psychology of Color Symbolism

  • 3

    Basic Theories for Color Symbolism

    • Worksheet: Color Symbolism Basics

    • A Foundation for Color Symbolism | Video

    • Quiz: Color Symbolism Basics

    • Learning Exercise for Your Project

    • Learning Exercise - Explore More

    • Resource: Color Symbolism Basics

  • 4

    Sensory Effects of Colors: Taste, Smell, Temperature, etc.

  • 5

    Messages and Meanings of Colors

    • About "The Messages and Meanings of Colors"

  • 6

    The Symbolism of Red and Pink

    • Worksheet for Red and Pink

    • The Symbolism of Red | Video

    • Quiz: Red and Pink

    • Learning Exercises for Red and Pink

    • URLs to explore more about red & pink

    • The Symbolism of PINK | Video

  • 7

    The Symbolism of Orange and Brown

    • Worksheet for Orange and Brown

    • The Symbolism of Orange | Video

    • Quiz: Orange and Brown

    • Learning Exercises for Orange and Brown

    • URLs to explore more about orange & brown

    • The Symbolism of Dark Orange and Brown | Video

  • 8

    The Symbolism of Yellow

    • Worksheet for Yellow

    • The Symbolism of Yellow | Video

    • Quiz: Yellow

    • Learning Exercises for Yellow

    • URLs to explore more about yellow

  • 9

    The Symbolism of Green

    • Worksheet for Green

    • The Symbolism of Green | Video

    • Quiz: Green

    • Learning Exercises for Green

    • URLs to explore more about green

  • 10

    The Symbolism of Blue

    • Worksheet for Blue

    • The Symbolism of Blue | Video

    • Quiz: Blue

    • Learning Exercises for Blue

    • URLs to explore more about blue

  • 11

    The Symbolism of Purple

    • Worksheet for Purple

    • The Symbolism of Purple | Video

    • Quiz: Purple

    • Learning Exercises for Purple

    • URLs to explore more about purple

  • 12

    The Symbolism of Black and Grey

    • Worksheet for Black and Grey

    • The Symbolism of Black | Video

    • The Symbolism of Grey | Video

    • Quiz: Black and Grey

    • Learning Exercises for Black and Grey

    • URLs to explore more about black & grey

  • 13

    The Symbolism of White

    • Worksheet for White

    • The Symbolism of White | Video

    • Quiz: White

    • Learning Exercises for White

    • URLS to explore more about white

  • 14

    Influential Factors

    • Factors that Influence Color Symbolism | Video

    • URLs & Resources: Demographic Differences

    • Gender Differences - Color Naming

  • 15

    Conclusion and Resources

    • Your Project Conclusion

    • Finale

    • Resource: 6 Principles of Color Psychology

    • Resources for Exploring Color

    • A Guide to Color Symbolism - e-Book by Jill Morton

    • Course Outline

    • Color Matters Web Forum

    • Color Matters on Facebook

    • Newsletter from Color Matters

    • Catalogue of Online Courses from Color Matters

    • Certificate of Completion

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Read more about the expert instructor Jill Morton

Jill Morton is a color consultant with a Masters Degree, university teaching credentials, and a list of Fortune 500 clients. She specializes in psychological color impact, innovative color combinations, attractive color harmonies, visual ergonomics and marketing trends in her work for global clients. 

Jill is also the author of 11 books about color and the Color Matters website - a leading source for information about color today. Learn more at her business website Colorcom.

Here’s what she has to say about the online courses she created:

"During the past 20 years of practice, the most common question I receive is about the best color for something important in a person's business or life in general. People need help choosing the most effective color for a logo for their business, or a product, a website, a room in their home or office, a building, and countless other things. 

I've created these courses to give you the same knowledge and tools that I’ve developed for using color successfully on your own. In essence, I'm sharing exactly how I work with every aspect of color." 

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“I agree that colors do indeed speak louder than words. I find the content very valuable, easy to follow and most important of all - I get IT!”

Twila McKay

“I'm a Resisted Nurse and I work with the Developmental Disabled population. This course is helping me work on how to present things to them. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.”

J. Womack

“It's a breath of fresh air in the world of color.”

Jay Embree

“I just finished ... and really enjoyed it. The videos, worksheets, formatting were excellent!”

Jennifer Jeffrey

“The sensory section was fascinating!”

Mia Medeiros


  • Who is "The Psychology of Color Symbolism" course for?

    If you're a designer, a business or marketing professional, healthcare specialist – or even if you’re just beginning in the design arena – you’ll get the knowledge you need to make color work for any project. All you need is your enthusiasm for color.

  • Can I take this course on a phone or tablet?

    For sure! All of the course content is fully responsive so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

  • So you offer group discounts?

    Yes! Please contact us about your needs - [email protected]

  • Can I get my money back if I’m not happy with the course?

    We offer a 15 day money back guarantee, so if the course isn’t working for you get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • A Guide to Color Symbolism

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    The instructor's best selling eBook is included for quick and easy reference.

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    Color Symbolism Basics | Sensory-Effects-Color | Compilations of reliable external resources (books and websites)

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    This certificate is proof of your expertise in color.

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