Color Harmony for Your Home

Let color change your life. | taught by Jill Morton
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Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and transform your home with colors but you’re not sure where and how to begin? Or maybe you're afraid that you're not skilled enough? If so, this course is for you.

First, you don't need to hire a professional interior designer to tell you what colors you should use in your home. You can put your personality into your home and create a unique and memorable presence by taking the colorful journey in this course. It's designed to save you time and the money you might have spent on an interior designer.

Yes, choosing colors can be a bit of organized chaos but you’ll be able to focus as you follow the logical steps in “Color Harmony for Your Home.” In fact these are the same methods that professional interior designers use. I assure you that this course will give you the confidence to take on any project in your home and that nothing will hold you back.


What if you knew that you could use your color intuition AND blend this intuition with interior design research that’s backed up by science?

The course shows you how to pinpoint your mood boosting colors – and the science behind why your color preferences matter.

Next, all it takes are these three steps to create a colorful makeover of your home:

Step 1 guides you through a soul-search of colors from every aspect of your life experiences. You may even discover colors that are buried in your memories. At the end of this section you’ll have a color palette that will create harmony in your life…. and in your home.

Step 2 shows you how to develop a harmonious color scheme for a room . The worksheets will quickly take you through the process of creating a specific color palette for your first project.

Step 3 is the grand finale. Now you'll learn how to apply your color scheme to a room. You’ll learn 3 foolproof color formulas and the color design theories that professional interior designers use.

Instead of spending far too much time experimenting with color, you can take this shortcut to a color makeover for your home. In a few hours you'll have the confidence to have your first project underway. 

Get started today and let color change your life!

This is a DIY course for anyone who wants to transform their home with color. It's for all color enthusiasts. If you're a professional interior designer or architect, see Foolproof Color Formulas for Interior Design 

Jill Morton
Jill Morton

About the Instructor

Hello everyone, I’m Jill - your instructor for Color Matters online learning.

Some describe me as a color professor and others as a color psychologist. In short, I’ve been answering the call of color – in whatever way it arises – for the past 25 years.

As for color, it’s always doing something. It’s the skin of the world. It knows no borders and speaks all languages.

My mission now is to help you find solutions to any color challenge and increase your expertise in any design arena. I hope that these eCourses supercharge your creative energy and give you the confidence for any colorful task.

My favorite quote: "I never met a color I didn't like." But I admit I have. Explore more at my Color Matters and Colorcom websites.

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