Organic Color Symbolism

The origins of color symbolism in the natural world | taught by Jill Morton

Course description

Do you love color but aren't sure of how to use it?

Color matters and the right color matters even more. Colors send powerful messages - from energetic and happy to serene and wise. The timeless symbolism of colors in the natural world is the foundation for universal symbolism.

This is an enjoyable and informative course - loaded with graphic examples - about color symbolism and how to confidently use colors.

You'll learn:

It's designed for everyone - for all creative people - for anyone who wants to tap the power of color and send the right messages in any area of life or work.

Some details about what this course delivers:

  • "Organic Color Symbolism" will give you the most basic and powerful formula for determining the symbolism of any color.
  • You'll learn the simple process for analyzing the timeless symbolism of colors.
  • You'll explore the importance of personal feelings about color - and how to use them for the best results.

"Organic Color Symbolism" will pave the way for you to use color confidently for the most powerful effect in any area of your life.

"Organic Color Symbolism" is a self-paced DIY course with 5 powerful lessons that cover:

  1. What is Color?
  2. The Origins of Organic Colors
  3. The Symbolism of Colors In Nature.
  4. Evolution of Organic Colors
  5. Personal Color Symbolism

Plus valuable resources including excerpts from the author's eBook, "A Guide to Color Symbolism"

You'll learn from 4 colorful slide shows plus a video that will let you time travel to prehistoric times.

You'll be able to test your knowledge with a few simple and fun quizzes.

Plus 2 worksheets are included that you can use over and over again after you become an organic color pro at the end of this course.

In conclusion you will KNOW the universal and timeless symbolism of any color - and be able to use this to send the most powerful messages in your life.

Access this course immediately after purchasing.

A review from one our first students

The course is engaging, informative, well-paced, and fun. It's a great resource for everyone who wants to learn about how color affects their lives. Tony Howard

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Jill Morton
Jill Morton

Hello everyone, I’m Jill!
Some describe me as a color professor and others as a color psychologist. In short, I’ve been answering the call of color – in whatever way it arises – for the past 25 years.

As for color, it’s always doing something. It’s the skin of the world and it knows no borders – but sometimes color can behave badly.

My mission now is to help you find solutions to any color challenge and save you the time and money you might spend doing it yourself or a hiring a pro. You can think it as an adventure with the e-course as your guide.

My favorite quote: "Fear no color – but think before you color!" Explore more at my Color Matters and Colorcom websites.